Intelligent Transport Systems

Handbook on Land Mobile (including Wireless Access), Volume 4 (Edition 2006)

image of Intelligent Transport Systems

Volume 4 of the ITU-R Handbook on Land Mobile (including Wireless Access) provides a summary of the use of wireless communications in intelligent transport systems (ITS), current and under development, around the globe, including architecture, systems, and applications. This is a rapidly developing sector, which is still partly in its infancy.



ITS communications architecture

ITS resolves and enhances traffic congestion and safety problems in transportation systems. For moving transportation systems, wireless and wireline communication systems are very essential in order to exchange several types of information between transport systems, control systems, and users. In this Chapter, the goal of an ITS system is briefly introduced in order to establish the fundamental concept of ITS. Additionally, ITS system architecture, including ITS communication architecture, is shown for clarification of the roles of the communication functions.


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