Information Society Statistical Profiles 2009


image of Information Society Statistical Profiles 2009

This report highlights the latest ICT developments in Europe and presents key statistical indicators for each country. The European region is a world leader when it comes to information and communication technology (ICT) access and use. It was the first region to adopt a uniform standard for mobile telephony in the early ‘90s, and to introduce next-generation mobile networks in 2000. Internet usage and fixed and mobile broadband uptake have increased significantly during the past few years. Today, the European market, with around ten per cent of the global population, accounts for more than 18 per cent of the world’s mobile cellular subscriptions, 21 per cent of fixed telephone lines, 22 per cent of Internet users, and 31 per cent of both, fixed broadband subscribers and mobile broadband subscriptions. The large majority of European countries has surpassed the 100 per cent mobile penetration mark, and close to two out of three Europeans are using the Internet. ITU ICT Development Index (IDI) and the ICT Price Basket, two ICT benchmarking tools that were launched in March 2009. I am confident that the findings of the report as well as the resulting policy conclusions will provide useful inputs to our members in preparation of the WTDC-10.



Telecommunication and media sector convergence: hype or reality?

Over the past years, new market, technological and business trends have significantly altered the dynamics in Europe’s telecommunication sector. It is evident that as most markets are entering into a more mature phase, the industry is looking for the next “big bang” that will create new momentum and trigger the interest of end-users, as well as investors.


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