ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem Country Review

Republic of Moldova

image of ICT Centric Innovation Ecosystem Country Review

Moldova identifies itself among countries with a strong focus on enhancing the growth of the IT industry and positively expanding its potential. This report provides a snapshot of challenges and opportunities currently faced by stakeholders, and is complemented by seven key recommendations based on the needs analysis. These specific policies, programmes, or flagship projects recommendations will serve as a reference tool to help guide and support innovation with aim to make Moldova attractive as a potential hub for emerging technologies. These new approaches to policymaking became the basis for the new Strategy for fostering the digital innovation ecosystem currently being developed in the country.




Recognizing the importance of innovation, the International Telecommunication Union membership, at the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) in 2014 adopted a new output on innovation and partnership, and as an ITU-wide goal at the Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 in Busan. The WTDC also approved a set of Regional Initiatives, including the Regional Initiative for Europe on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Youth. The innovation mandate aims to strengthen Member States capacity to integrate ICT innovation in national development agenda. Accordingly, ITU-D strategic objectives foster the creation of an enabling environment and build capacities at national, regional, and global level aimed at promoting the growth of ICT entrepreneurship, start-ups, and increased innovation in the ICT ecosystem, while encouraging empowerment of young men and women and creating new opportunities for them in the ICT sector.


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