Handbook on Radio Astronomy

image of Handbook on Radio Astronomy

The Handbook on Radio Astronomy has been developed by experts of Working Party 7D of ITU-R Study Group 7 (Science Services) that is responsible for radio astronomy. This Handbook is not intended as a source book on radio astronomy, but rather deals with such aspects of radio astronomy that are relevant to frequency coordination as the management of radio spectrum usage in order to minimize interference between radiocommunication services.



Searches for extraterrestrial intelligence (Seti) using observations at radio frequencies

Fundamental to the perception of our place in the universe is to know whether Earth is the only planet supporting intelligent life. If the Earth’s intelligent life is truly alone, then it must be either an extraordinary occurrence or a unique consequence of evolution of the cosmos. On the other hand, if it is but one of a multitude of intelligent groups populating our Galaxy, then life on Earth may be part of a collection of great evolutionary diversity, and possibly not unique in its development and civilization. The problem is to determine whether or not life on Earth is alone.


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