Handbook on Radio Astronomy

image of Handbook on Radio Astronomy

The Handbook on Radio Astronomy has been developed by experts of Working Party 7D of ITU-R Study Group 7 (Science Services) that is responsible for radio astronomy. This Handbook is not intended as a source book on radio astronomy, but rather deals with such aspects of radio astronomy that are relevant to frequency coordination as the management of radio spectrum usage in order to minimize interference between radiocommunication services.



Preamble - Radio Astronomy and Society

Astronomy asks questions about the formation, evolution, dynamics and other characteristics of objects beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, such as the Sun, its planets, comets, stars, galaxies, diffuse matter in space, and the Universe itself. This curiosity seeks answers to some of the biggest questions mankind can ask, such as “how did the Universe begin (or did it begin)?”; “how big is it?”; “how old is it?”, and “how will it end (or will it end)?” As the science that tells us where we and our planet fit into the Universe, astronomy plays a vital cultural role for all mankind. Modern discoveries, such as black holes and quasars, are already part of everyday language.


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