Handbook on National Spectrum Management

image of Handbook on National Spectrum Management

This Handbook describes the key elements of spectrum management: spectrum management fundamentals, spectrum planning, frequency assignment and licensing, spectrum monitoring, spectrum inspection and investigation, spectrum engineering, spectrum economics, automation of spectrum management activities and measures of spectrum utilization and spectrum utilization efficiency.




This new revision of the Handbook on National Spectrum Management involved a major update and expansion of the 2005 edition. It was developed by a Correspondence Group established by Working Party 1B in 2011 and then by a Rapporteur Group established by Working Party 1B in 2012 and endorsed by Radiocommunication Study Group 1. Mr Hasan Sharif of the United Arab Emirates served as Rapporteur of the group, assisted by the Counsellor, Mr Philippe Aubineau Mr Ruoting Chang, the Working Party 1B Vice-Chairman from China (Peopleʼs Republic of), Mr Ilkyoo Lee of Korea (Republic of), Mr Roy Woolsey of the United States of America as well as many other participants at the Working Party 1B meetings were also very active in the preparation of this revision of the Handbook.


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