Handbook on Emergency Telecommunications

image of Handbook on Emergency Telecommunications

This Handbook on Emergency Telecommunications is written to serve as a close companion to those involved in the noble work of providing as well as using telecommunications for disaster mitigation and relief. It simplifies and demystifies the complex technical issues that characterize the fast evolving field of telecommunications, especially in this era of convergence and emergence of next-generation networks. While designed to be simple, the Handbook is comprehensive, compact and contains useful factual information that is concise and organized for easy access, in particular by practitioners.



The Internet

The Internet increasingly provides support for major operations and functions of organizations, including those with significant distances between headquarters and field offices. For governmental disaster workers, access to the Internet permits continuous updates of disaster information, accounts of human and material resources available for response, and state-of-the-art technical advice. As an important feature, messages can also be disseminated to groups of pre-selected recipients, thus allowing some form of targeted broadcasts.


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