Guidelines for the Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting

image of Guidelines for the Transition from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting

The guidelines are intended to provide information and recommendations on policy, regulation, technologies, network planning, customer awareness and business planning for the smooth transition to Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB) and introduction of Mobile Television Broadcasting (MTV). They will help develop a well defined roadmap for transition covering national goals, strategies and key activities, helping to reach consensus on requirements and solutions, providing a mechanism to help forecast the key miles stones and a framework to help plan and coordinate the steps for the transition. The Guidelines have been prepared for Africa, taking into account the provisions of the GE06 Agreement. However they could also be applied in countries outside the GE06 planning area, but provisions of other applicable regulations, instead of GE06, should be taken into account in that case.



Policy and regulation

This part of the guidelines will provide an overview of the key issues and choices the Regulator faces when either formulating Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting (DTTB), Mobile Television (MTV) or Analogue switch-off (ASO) policy objectives. In striving for a rapid service up-take and development of the DTTB and MTV markets, the Regulator will implement such policies by issuing information, funds, rights, licenses and permits to (qualified) market parties in compliance with the relevant Legislation.


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