Guidelines for Policy Makers on Child Online Protection

2020 edition

image of Guidelines for Policy Makers on Child Online Protection

In addition to responding to new developments in digital technologies and platforms, this new edition addresses an important lacuna: the situation faced by children with disabilities, for whom the online world offers a particularly crucial lifeline to full – and fulfilling – social participation. Consideration of the special needs of migrant children and other vulnerable groups has also been included.



Recommendations for frameworks and implementation

Governments must address all manifestations of violence against children in the digital environment. However, measures taken to protect children in the digital environment should not unduly restrict the exercise of other rights, such as the right to freedom of expression, the right to access information or the right to freedom of association. Rather than curtailing children’s natural curiosity and sense of innovation for fear of encountering risks online, it is critical to tap into children’s resourcefulness and enhance their resilience while exploring the potential of the digital environment.


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