Guidelines for Policy Makers on Child Online Protection

image of Guidelines for Policy Makers on Child Online Protection

This publication states the Guidelines for policies makers In order to formulate a national strategy focusing on online child safety.



Children’s and Young People’s Use of the Internet

The Internet has now been in existence for several decades, however, the nature of it has changed dramatically since its inception. In the beginning it was mainly a tool to exchange information and data between governmental agencies and academic institutions. In the 1980s, the Internet was opened to the general public. With the advent of the World Wide Web in the 1990s, the Internet started to grow at an astonishing rate. In recent years another revolution has taken place: the emergence of Web 2.0. The web is becoming more interactive and a much larger cross section of society has a presence on the Internet. More people are connected now, with children and young people very often leading the pack as early users.


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