Guidelines for Implementing a Signalling System No. 7 Network

image of Guidelines for Implementing a Signalling System No. 7 Network

This Handbook is intended to give the reader an overview of the elements necessary to evaluate the design, implementation and maintenance aspects of an SS No. 7 network. The Handbook is also offered to assist the reader in understanding criteria which impacts the decision to utilize SS No. 7 capabilities – particularly as they relate to cost/benefit analysis of such a decision and also provides a detailed road map through existing CCITT Recommendations.



Future aspects of signalling system no. 7 implementation

Signalling System (SS) No. 7 is a modular signalling system with the Recommendations written in such a way that new applications of the system can be specified later on. Some of the Recommendations such as TUP (Telephone User Part) and much of the MTP (Message Transfer Part) are now considered stable. A number of different applications are currently emerging, some of which have more stable Recommendations than others. In addition, further consideration is being given to Recommendations for testing, performance monitoring, and other Operational, Administrative and Maintenance (OA&mediaamp;M) functions.


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