Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2018

image of Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2018

The Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2018 is the second edition of a landmark ITU series. The Outlook focuses on policy and regulatory trends in the ICT sector and brings together cutting-edge research on various topics. It also explores for the first time regulatory collaboration across the board. The report provides organic analysis based on home-grown data, expertise and analytics. The Global ICT Regulatory Outlook is targeted at a wide audience of ICT professionals, including ICT regulators and ministries, Chief Regulatory Officers, policy advisers and academia.




Regulation has entered a new age. The days when regulators dealt with purely technological changes -such as the analogue to digital transition - are over. Today, digital transformation is sweeping across whole economies, changing our outlook forever. As mobile phones have become even more ubiquitous in their coverage and use, they have also become portals to a host of online services. Regulators find themselves grappling with an ever-growing array of challenges associated across different sectors - including digital identity, data protection, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (Al).


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