Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2018

image of Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2018

The Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2018 is the second edition of a landmark ITU series. The Outlook focuses on policy and regulatory trends in the ICT sector and brings together cutting-edge research on various topics. It also explores for the first time regulatory collaboration across the board. The report provides organic analysis based on home-grown data, expertise and analytics. The Global ICT Regulatory Outlook is targeted at a wide audience of ICT professionals, including ICT regulators and ministries, Chief Regulatory Officers, policy advisers and academia.



Global context

Today’s world is characterized by accelerating technological development and digital transformation that are driving massive upheaval and change. Half the world’s population is already online. Before long, they will be joined by huge numbers of objects and devices connecting to private networks and the public Internet. Digital transformation is being fueled by advances in computing power, big data (generated by the Internet of Things (loT)) or simply by ‘digital exhaust’ generated by people’s activity online and offline. Such data constitute the lifeblood of the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (Al) and intelligent machines and sensors, including robots and automated vehicles.


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