Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2017

image of Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2017

This Global ICT Regulatory Outlook 2017 is the first of an annual series of reports tracking market and regulatory trends in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector and their implications across the economy. Understanding current trends and challenges across ICT markets and regulatory frameworks can help address the gaps and capitalize on unexplored opportunities. This report provides useful insights and a clear, evidence-based perspective to do that. This report is also a key resource on smart, inclusive and forward-looking ICT regulation. Its findings can provide useful guidance in reviewing and upgrading regulatory frameworks for the ICT sector as the basis for the digital economy today and for the future. The report reaches out to the regulatory community worldwide, policy-makers, industry and the ICT community in general



ICTs are less visible but more prevalent

As ICTs increasingly underpin economic and social activity in countries and are interwoven in communication protocols, production processes and transactions, both wireless communications and broadband are considered a public utility. For some countries access to fast Internet connectivity is now considered nothing less than a human right. As ICT moves into each area of our lives, cloud computing represents a major advance. Cloud computing has become the catalyst and enabler of important technological advances that will help address some of the key challenges that governments and businesses face, including social challenges in the areas of environment, education and healthcare. The cloud not only stores, sorts and analyzes big data but transforms people’s data into an increasingly valuable by-product of service providers and online service providers (OSPs). Today’s data trails produced by users using multiple ICTs are massive and growing, generating ‘big data’. A new culture of ‘dealing in data’ is beginning to take root.


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