1998 General Trends in Telecommunication Reform 1998

Asia Pacific, Volume VI

image of General Trends in Telecommunication Reform 1998

The report provides a regulatory snapshot by country of the 53 Member States of the European region. The information is structured as follows contact information for regulatory and policy-making bodies, legal instruments, institutional profile, regulatory issues, ownership, market status and future regulatory plans.




This volume is organized by country and contains key regulatory information for each of the ITU member states in the European region. Volume VI, is part of a six volume series. Volume I describes overall trends in telecommunication reform around the world. The other five volumes contain detailed information on the regulatory situation in each ITU member state in Africa (Vol. II), the Americas (Vol. III), the Arab States (Vol. IV), Asia-Pacific (Vol. V), and Europe (Vol. VI). The information provided for each country is taken from the responses of national administrations to the ITU/BDT annual Telecommunication Regulatory Survey. Information contained in the section “Market status” reflects what is legally permissible; therefore, it may not reflect the actual number of operators in the market.


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