Frequency Adaptive Communication Systems and Networks in the MF/HF Bands


image of Frequency Adaptive Communication Systems and Networks in the MF/HF Bands

This Handbook is published to assist planners and decision-makers in the deployment of adaptive MF/HF systems in the fixed service, for both commercial and government users in developed and particularly developing countries. It provides material on current present technological capabilities in the field of adaptive MF/HF communications.




Automatic evaluation of propagation channels and the adaptivity of system characteristics have generated resurgence in MF/HF technologies and their operational use. Until 1995, international agreements for frequency regulation and assignment for the HF fixed services were based on long-standing procedures. Proposals for new assignments were submitted to the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau (BR) (before 1993 to the IFRB). BR examined the proposal and submitted it to a technical examination for compatibility with existing assignments. If the result of the technical examination showed that the proposed use would not cause harmful interference to an existing assignment, the assignment was included in the Master International Frequency Register (MIFR). The administration then proceeded to authorize the assignment.


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