Fixed Wireless Access

Handbook on Land Mobile (including Wireless Access), Volume 1, 2nd edition

image of Fixed Wireless Access

The purpose of this Handbook is to assist in the decision making process involving planning, engineering and deployment of wireless access based land mobile systems, especially in the developing countries. It should also provide adequate information that will assist in training engineers and planners in regulating, planning, engineering, and deployment aspects of these systems.



Deployment Planning of Wireless Access Systems

This section outlines and describes the areas that must be carefully, thoroughly and thoughtfully, addressed in planning the deployment of wireless access systems. In each area described, the important factors to be considered are noted and briefly discussed. However, it must be recognized that the information provided here is only an outline and a summary. Books could be, and have been, written on each of the areas discussed below. More detailed information on this subject is provided in Annex 3.


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