Final WSIS Targets Review

Achievments, Challenges and the Way Forward

image of Final WSIS Targets Review

The main objective of this report (Final WSIS Targets Review: Achievements, Challenges and the Way Forward) is to provide policy-makers with a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of the WSIS commitments, and in particular the WSIS targets. It emphasizes the importance of ICTs for development, and the need to track these. The report is expected to highlight the lessons learnt from the WSIS monitoring process and to deliver an input to the debate on the post-2015 agenda, including discussion of possible targets and future indicators.



Connect all businesses with ICTs

Since 2003, the application of ICT to business has evolved in unexpected ways, and e-business has grown exponentially. The use of ICT in the business sector has become vital to developing the information society. Despite this fact, the WSIS Geneva Plan of Action does not have any targets related to ICT and businesses. On the other hand, the use of ICTs by businesses is addressed in WSIS Action Line C7 (ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life), which discusses the importance of businesses as providers and users of ICT and “calls upon governments to promote the use of ebusiness, especially in developing countries” (ITU, 2005).


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