Final WSIS Targets Review

Achievments, Challenges and the Way Forward

image of Final WSIS Targets Review

The main objective of this report (Final WSIS Targets Review: Achievements, Challenges and the Way Forward) is to provide policy-makers with a comprehensive evaluation of the implementation of the WSIS commitments, and in particular the WSIS targets. It emphasizes the importance of ICTs for development, and the need to track these. The report is expected to highlight the lessons learnt from the WSIS monitoring process and to deliver an input to the debate on the post-2015 agenda, including discussion of possible targets and future indicators.



Encourage the development of content and put in place technical conditions in order to facilitate the presence and use of all world languages on the Internet

The emergence of an information society requires more than access to infrastructure, equipment and services. For users, infrastructure, equipment and services are important because they provide access to information – or content – that they can use in order to pursue their objectives (as governments, businesses, organisations or individuals) and can share with others. They need to be able to find content that is affordable, relevant to their needs and circumstances, and available in languages that they can understand, with formats they can use.


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