Fast-Forward Progress

Leveraging Tech to Achieve the Global Goals: ICT4SDG

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This Report was written as a collaborative effort between 29 UN programmes, specialized agencies and international organizations. It draws on the personal insights from a range of leaders of UN organizations and World Wildlife International.



SDG13 - Climate Action

Many enhancements in the availability of weather information have taken place over recent decades from high-resolution satellite observations to high-quality weather forecasting using more and more sophisticated super-computers operating ensemble models configuration. The sharing of model output allows national centres to benefit from advanced high resolution modelling over their area of responsibility, which in turn can support automated decision and warning processes. On the global scale, we can today predict out to six days ahead with the same accuracy as we could achieve for a period of four days, 20 years ago. This means society has much more advance warning of weather hazards than before, allowing people to prepare and, thereby, limit the loss of lives and property.


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