Fast-Forward Progress

Leveraging Tech to Achieve the Global Goals: ICT4SDG

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This Report was written as a collaborative effort between 29 UN programmes, specialized agencies and international organizations. It draws on the personal insights from a range of leaders of UN organizations and World Wildlife International.



SDG15 - Life on Land

The elegant and revolutionary uniqueness of the seventeen SDGs is that they are all interconnected, but four of them are perhaps the foundation of all the others. Productive land, clean and abundant fresh water, healthy oceans and a stable climate are arguably the foundation of all the other socio-economic goals. The rationale is simple: we are not going to build a just and prosperous future for all of us, on a degraded planet with an impoverished nature. SDG 15 under the heading of ‘Life on Land’, along with SDG 14 (“conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources”) and SDG 6 (“ensure availability and sustainable management of water”) highlight the need for maintaining rich, productive and diverse natural systems.


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