eEnvironment Toolkit and Readiness Index (EERI)

image of eEnvironment Toolkit and Readiness Index (EERI)

The objective of the e-Environment Toolkit is to help countries, jurisdictions, communities and organizations, particularly those in the developing world, assess the contribution that information and communication technologies (ICTs) can make to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, as part of a national climate change strategy and action plan.




The ITU’s e-Environment Toolkit and Readiness Index (EERI), was prepared by Richard Labelle, in collaboration with Ralph Rodschat (Nortel), under the direction of Lilia Pérez-Chavolla and Marco Obiso, ICT Applications and Cybersecurity Division, and the overall direction of Mario Maniewicz, Chief, Policies and Strategies, Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT).


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