Economic Contribution of Broadband, Digitization and ICT Regulation

Econometric Modelling for Africa

"ITU published the findings of a global study on the economic contribution of broadband, digitization and ICT regulation in September 2018. Following this report, The Economic Contribution of Broadband, digitization and ICT Regulation: Econometric modelling for Africa presents a set of econometric analyses that estimate the contribution of broadband and digital transformation on the economy, as well as the impact of ICT policy and regulations on the development of the digital economy in the Africa region. In addition, it provides substantial evidence on the impact of institutional and regulatory variables on the growth of the digital ecosystem. The outcomes of this regional report may serve as key reference material to illustrate the impact of fixed and mobile broadband on the economy, where the regions stand in terms of digitization and the impact of digitization on GDP. This could assist countries in conceptualizing the process of launching evidence-based digital transformation strategies."