Earthing of Telecommunication Installations

image of Earthing of Telecommunication Installations

A great deal of research has been done on earthing problems in connection with telecommunications and several technical papers have been published as a result. Although opinions and practices differ, there is also a large measure of unanimity on certain aspects. This first edition of a handbook on earthing is an attempt to set out those principles on which a measure of agreement has been reached, and, in those cases where there are different possibilities, to compare their merits.



Soil resistivity

Soil resistivity is defined as the resistance between opposite faces of a unit cube and is usually measured in n·m. The resistivity of the soil is largely determined by the quantity of water retained in the soil, and by the resistivity of the water itself. In other words conduction through the soil is to a great extent conduction through the water in the soil and must therefore be partly an electrolytic process.


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