Earthing and Bonding


image of Earthing and Bonding

This ITU-T Handbook on Earthing and Bonding is for use by engineers designing telecommunication systems, especially those concerned with applying protective measures. It aims to give the user a background to various terms used within the telecommunication and power industry regarding earthing and bonding of equipment and structures (Chapter 1) in various parts of the world. The concepts of earthing and bonding are described (Chapter 2) together with how to implement such methods (Chapters 3 and 4), detailing why these are necessary and what the results may be if they are not performed correctly. The final section of the handbook shows how to evaluate and maintain the effectiveness/quality of the earthing systems and bonding networks thus created.



Implementation method of earthing systems

This chapter describes how to design an earthing system, taking into account earth resistivity and electrode types. Typical values of earth resistivity for various soil types are listed, together with a range of earth electrode configurations listing their advantages and disadvantages. Also given are formulae for estimating the resistance to earth.


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