Earth Exploration-Satellite Service


image of Earth Exploration-Satellite Service

This Handbook provides full and comprehensive information on the development of EESS systems. Specifically, it provides basic definitions, sheds light on the technical principles underlying the operation of systems and presents their main applications to assist administrations in the spectrum planning, engineering and deployment aspects of these systems.



Societal benefits of the earth exploration-satellite service

Satellites provide the most cost-efficient way to monitor the land, sea, and air environment of the entire Earth. Unique capabilities of Earth exploration-satellites include observing wide-areas non-intrusively and uniformly (by using the same instrument) with the ability to rapidly target any point on Earth, including remote and inhospitable places, and to continue with a series of observations over a long period of time. Through these capabilities, the EESS brings many benefits to society in both the non-profit and commercial sectors. Some of these benefits, such as inputs to weather forecasters, are taken for granted and appreciated only during extreme conditions such as hurricanes; many other benefits go unrecognized. This chapter will highlight many of those societal benefits but will not go into the details of how the data were obtained, processed and used.


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