Earth Exploration-Satellite Service


image of Earth Exploration-Satellite Service

This Handbook provides full and comprehensive information on the development of EESS systems. Specifically, it provides basic definitions, sheds light on the technical principles underlying the operation of systems and presents their main applications to assist administrations in the spectrum planning, engineering and deployment aspects of these systems.



Introduction to the earth exploration-satellite service

Earth exploration-satellite systems are used to gather data about the Earth and its natural phenomena. These satellites use active and/or passive sensors onboard the spacecraft to obtain data on the Earth’s land, sea, and atmosphere for the purpose of studying and monitoring the Earth’s climate and environment, amongst many other related scientific applications. Earth exploration-satellites used for weather-related purposes are known as meteorological-satellites (MetSats). MetSats can operate within the Earth exploration-satellite service or in their own more specialized service known as the meteorological-satellite service.


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