E-Agriculture Strategy Guide

Piloted in Asia-Pacific Countries

image of E-Agriculture Strategy Guide

The E-agriculture strategy guide is an attempt to provide countries with a framework to develop their national e-agriculture strategies. E-agriculture strategies will help to rationalize both financial and human resources, and address ICT opportunities for the agricultural sector in a more holistic and efficient manner. This will help improve the livelihoods of rural communities and stakeholders involved in agriculture and rural development.




Development of a National E-agriculture Strategy is only the first step towards realizing the transformative potential of ICT in agriculture. The impact can only be realized through effective implementation. The three pillars of the strategy viz., the vision and strategic recommendations, the action plan, and the Monitoring and Evaluation framework provides guidance on how we envision an ICT embedded agriculture system, what we need to do to get there and how do we keep track of our progress. In dynamic and cross-sectoral areas such as ICT and agriculture, it is important that a periodic review of the strategy is undertaken to keep up with the changing demands, emerging goals and new technologies.


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