Direction of Traffic, 1999

Trading Telecom Minutes

image of Direction of Traffic, 1999

The third edition of the authoritative ITU/TeleGeography Inc. “Direction of Traffic” publication focuses on the transition in international telecommunication traffic away from the bilateral regime, based on accounting rates, to a new, multilateral, trade-based regime. Specifically, the report looks at the impact that the changing telecommunication environment will have on developing countries.This report examines traffic trends; the transition of the international telecommunications environment and its move towards cost-orientation; cost and price trends; developing country concerns; transit traffic and profits and losses.



Foreword and Acknowledgements

The international telecommunications market is changing and the carriers in the market, who now number more than a thousand, must also adapt their strategies to the new competitive environment. In the last Direction of Traffic report, we examined trends in retail prices. In this report, the focus is on wholesale pricing arrangements between carriers.


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