Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in the VHF/UHF Bands

DTTB Handbook

image of Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in the VHF/UHF Bands

This Handbook provides guidance to engineers responsible for the implementation of digital terrestrial television broadcasting and combines material dealing with digital and analogue television systems and planning aspects of this new topic.



Service multiplex and transport

ATM technology was developed to solve the multiplex and transport problems found in the communications world of telephony. As specified in ITU-T Recommendation I.361 this is a structure in which any type of information is encapsulated in cells of 53 bytes. The first 5 bytes (the header) contain the multiplexing information and the last 48 bytes (the payload) contain the user information. In order to ensure end-to-end information and time transparencies, an ATM adaptation layer (AAL) has been defined on top of the ATM layer. Different types of AAL can be specified to cover the full range of services to be supported.


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