Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in the VHF/UHF Bands

DTTB Handbook

image of Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting in the VHF/UHF Bands

This Handbook provides guidance to engineers responsible for the implementation of digital terrestrial television broadcasting and combines material dealing with digital and analogue television systems and planning aspects of this new topic.



Implementation Strategies

The introduction of digital terrestrial television can be seen from a short-term or a long-term point of view. Objectives, constraints and possibilities differ in both cases, leading to several possible introduction scenarios, some in line with the short-term objectives and other better suited to the long-term. In addition, adequate transition methods from the short-term to the long-term scenarios have to be found. The three scenarios, short-term, transition phase and long-term are introduced below. Further details are given in § 10.4.


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