Digital Skills Toolkit

image of Digital Skills Toolkit

This toolkit provides stakeholders with guidance on developing a digital skills strategy. It is intended for policymakers, along with partners in the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, and academia. Its overarching aim is to facilitate the development of a comprehensive digital skills strategy at country level. Readers will find practical information, examples, and stepbystep guides which they can use to develop their national digital skills strategy as well as policies and programmes to address specific priorities. Chapters 38 include tools that policymakers and stakeholders can use in developing ideas specifically for their country or context. An editable Word version of these tools is attached to the PDF version of this Toolkit which can be accessed by clicking on the paperclip attachment icon in the left navigation bar.




Digital skills are now a prerequisite for anyone in any country to participate meaningfully in the growing digital economy and society. This toolkit has aimed to equip policymakers and other stakeholders with practical guidance for developing a digital skills strategy tailored to individual country needs. While there is no one-size-fits-all strategy – each country has unique strengths and goals – there are a number of promising approaches that have proved their worth in many contexts, offering every country a range of models to explore and adapt. It is hoped that the tools are useful in sparking discussions leading to concrete steps through new policies and programmes.


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