Digital Skills Toolkit

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This toolkit provides stakeholders with guidance on developing a digital skills strategy. It is intended for policymakers, along with partners in the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, and academia. Its overarching aim is to facilitate the development of a comprehensive digital skills strategy at country level. Readers will find practical information, examples, and stepbystep guides which they can use to develop their national digital skills strategy as well as policies and programmes to address specific priorities. Chapters 38 include tools that policymakers and stakeholders can use in developing ideas specifically for their country or context. An editable Word version of these tools is attached to the PDF version of this Toolkit which can be accessed by clicking on the paperclip attachment icon in the left navigation bar.



Creating opportunities for under-represented populations

Many countries are taking steps to create more inclusive, equitable opportunities for populations that have been under-represented among internet users. These groups may have had fewer opportunities to use digital technologies and develop basic skills for any number of reasons, such as cost, age, social norms and expectations, physical ability, awareness, geography, level of education, or language spoken. Furthermore, those self-directed few who have acquired basic skills through an introductory computer course or online course may have encountered too many barriers to continue building on their knowledge and gain entry into the workforce. This chapter addresses these important issues, identifying common challenges, successful approaches, and several programme examples for the following groups: women and girls, persons with disabilities, aging populations, and migrants and refugees. This is followed by a tool for ensuring that a digital skills strategy meets the needs of priority population groups.


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