Digital Skills Assessment Guidebook

image of Digital Skills Assessment Guidebook

This guidebook can be used to determine the existing supply of a digitally skilled cohort at a national level, to assess skills demand from industry and other sectors, to identify skills gaps, and to develop policies to address future digital skills requirements. A must-have for policy-makers and other stakeholders.



Understanding current digital skills needs and gaps

After a country’s assessment of existing digital skills is complete, thus affording it a greater understanding of the supply of digital skills, it can turn attention to determining its current level of demand for skills. The process of assessing current digital skills requirements will also expose a country’s national skills mismatch. A skills mismatch is defined as the gap between an individual’s job skills and the demands of the job market, including being over-skilled or under-skilled for current market opportunities (OECD, 2016, p. 12). An understanding of the current skills supply and demand will inform a country’s policies aimed at reducing the skills mismatch.


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