Digital Skills Assessment Guidebook

image of Digital Skills Assessment Guidebook

This guidebook can be used to determine the existing supply of a digitally skilled cohort at a national level, to assess skills demand from industry and other sectors, to identify skills gaps, and to develop policies to address future digital skills requirements. A must-have for policy-makers and other stakeholders.



Assessment of current digital skills levels

As discussed in Chapter 1, several approaches exist for assessing a country’s current digital skills levels or supply of skills. Each country’s particular capabilities, existing processes and needs will determine which approach is best to adopt. This chapter outlines the steps for selecting the appropriate digital skills assessment approach for your country (see Figure 1). First, it addresses how to manage the assessment process, which includes choosing a governance model and selecting stakeholders. It then goes on to review how to identify your country’s existing data and resources, consider the demographic focus, and choose an approach. The last two steps cover data collection, analysis and dissemination. This step-by-step guide is not meant to be rigid. Countries should adapt it to their specific needs.


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