Digital Radio-Relay Systems


image of Digital Radio-Relay Systems

This Handbook represents a comprehensive summary of basic principles, design parameters and current practices for the design and engineering of digital radio-relay systems.




During their autumn meeting in Geneva from 5 to 8 November 1991, former CCIR (see Note 1) Study Group 9 decided to establish a Handbook Group. As documented in Decision 110, the charter for the Handbook Group was to prepare a Handbook on Digital Radio-Relay Systems in order to “provide administrations and organizations with tutorial documents to assist them in the preparation of their programmes and in the education of their personnel”. Decision 110 explicitly stated the importance of digital radio-relay systems in developing countries. It further declared that advances in the technology would justify the preparation of the Handbook on Digital Radio-Relay Systems. One other major aspect of this decision was the proclamation that some text from existing Reports in the Annex to Volume IX-1 (Düsseldorf 1990) would not be converted to Recommendations and would, therefore, be more properly used as the material in the Handbook.


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