Digital Identity Roadmap Guide

image of Digital Identity Roadmap Guide

The Digital Identity Roadmap Guide is a comprehensive set of guidelines for identifying the main aspects that need to be addressed during the design, development and implementation of a National Digital Identity Framework. It is the result of a deeply collaborative multi-stakeholder effort aimed at strengthening the knowledge and expertise of professionals and policy makers working in the field digital identity and, more generally, the digitization of government services. Descriptions of the overarching principles that lay the foundations for designing, developing and implementing a National Digital Identity Framework are included in this guide, which also outlines four critical Focus Areas, lists the main critical success factors and the conflicting principles national leaders and policy makers should be aware of in making certain design decisions, and illustrates a step-by-step approach that could be adopted in managing the National Digital Identity Framework throughout its entire lifecycle. The guide is complemented by a comprehensive set of case studies from countries which have successfully set up National Digital Identity Systems using a range of different approaches, and provides a brief survey of the main technical standards available to date.




The International Telecommunication Union defines the concept of identity as a ‘representation of an entity in the form of one or more attributes that allow the entity or entities to be sufficiently distinguished within context’1. Building on this definition, we might state that a digital identity is the digital representation of an entity detailed enough to make the individual distinguishable within a digital context.


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