Cybersecurity Guide for Developing Countries

Edition 2007

image of Cybersecurity Guide for Developing Countries

This guide is intended to give developing countries a tool allowing them to better understand some of the issues relating to IT security, and provide them with examples of solutions that other countries have put in place in order to deal with these problems. It also refers to other publications giving further specific information on cybersecurity. This guide is not intended as an exhaustive document or report on the subject, but rather as a summary of the principal problems currently encountered in countries wishing to take advantage of the benefits of the information society.



Executive Summary and Acknowledgments

Social issues, the economy, public policy, human issues: whichever way one looks at it, and whatever one calls it (IT security, telecom security), cybersecurity touches on the security of the digital and cultural wealth of people, organizations and countries. The challenges involved are complex, and meeting them requires that there be the political will to devise and implement a strategy for the development of digital infrastructures and services which includes a coherent, effective, verifiable and manageable cybersecurity strategy.


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