Converging Networks

image of Converging Networks

This Handbook presents the ITU-T Recommendations on next generation networks in the context of the ongoing convergence of the telecommunications and media industries.



NGN management

Recommendation ITU-T Y.2401 (also published as Recommendation ITU-T M.3060) presents the requirements and general principles for managing next generation networks (NGNs) to support business processes to plan, provision, install, maintain, operate and administer NGN resources and services. The concepts of the next generation networks management (NGNM) architecture, i.e., its business process view, functional view, information view, and physical views; and their fundamental elements are defined. A framework is provided to derive the requirements for the specification of management physical views from the management functional and information views. A logical reference model for the partitioning of management functionality, the logical layered architecture (LLA), is also provided.


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