Converging Networks

image of Converging Networks

This Handbook presents the ITU-T Recommendations on next generation networks in the context of the ongoing convergence of the telecommunications and media industries.




Recommendation ITU-T Y.2701 states the security requirements for next generation networks and their interfaces (e.g., UNIs, NNIs and ANIs) by applying the principles described in Recommendation ITU-T X.805, Security architecture for systems providing end-to-end communications to Recommendations ITU-T Y.2201 (2007), NGN release 1 requirements, and ITU-T Y.2012 (2006), Functional requirements and architecture of the NGN release 1. The requirements apply to network-based security of end-user communications across multiple-network administrative domains. The security of customer assets and information in the customer domain are not within the scope of Recommendation ITU-T Y.2701.


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