Connect Africa, Volume 1

The Countdown to 2015. Inaugural Edition

image of Connect Africa, Volume 1

This handbook concerns the inaugural edition of Connect Africa, a new publication to track progress in investment and the development of information and communication infrastructure on the African continent. Projects that help close the digital divide are a sound business model, attractive to industry. It is with this in mind that world leaders and the highly regarded experts writing in this edition share their views on what can be done to connect Africa more rapidly.



Thoughts and ideas

Telecommunications has grown to be an intrinsic and essential part of everyone’s life. From the world’s largest businesses, to interconnected governments, to the average family, it is copper wires, fibreoptic cables, wireless radio signals and satellites that are keeping us all connected. Qatar Telecom (Qtel) is proud to be such a telecommunication provider for the people of Qatar and increasingly, as it expands its operations overseas, for customers around the world.


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