Compendium of ITU's Work on Emergency Telecommunications

image of Compendium of ITU's Work on Emergency Telecommunications

This publication presents, for the first time under one cover, the work being done by ITU's three Sectors (Radiocommunication, Standardization and Telecommunication Development) in the field of emergency telecommunications (or disaster communications). The release of this compendium is timely since disasters are striking with increased frequency and magnitude, resulting in unprecedented loss of human life, not to mention economic disruption and damage. The electronic versions are free of charge as of 2014.




It is with utmost pleasure that I present this edition of the Compendium of ITU Work in Emergency Telecommunications. This is the first time that ITU’s work on Emergency Telecommunications in Radiocommunication, Telecommunication Standardization, and Telecommunication Development has been compiled under one cover, making this therefore the most comprehensive publication ever.


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