Compendium of ITU's Work on Emergency Telecommunications

image of Compendium of ITU's Work on Emergency Telecommunications

This first edition of the “GMPCS Reference Book” provides information on all aspects of GMPCS services, including reference materials, covering regulatory, technical, operational and commercial implications. Its specifically logical presentation aids the reader in discovering all there is to know about this new breakthrough which could be extremely beneficial to developing countries aiming at Universal Access.



Conclusion: How the Reference Book will evolve

This reference book should be considered as an evolutionary tool to assist in the introduction of GMPCS services. It is, as yet, a modest contribution to the state of the art. But it does provide an overview of what has happened so far in the development of GMPCS. These are still pioneering years in the evolution of GMPCS, and in the near future, for sure, many important developments that cannot yet be foreseen will come about, probably necessitating a periodic revision of this work.


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