Challenges for a Data-Driven Society

Proceedings of the 2017 ITU Kaleidoscope Academic Conference. Nanjing, China, 27-29 November 2017

image of Challenges for a Data-Driven Society

Data is becoming the key to smart governance, supporting the delivery of citizen-centric public services. Data-driven insight will enable efficiency gains in every industry sector. Advances in data science will continue to unlock major breakthroughs in research. We saw all of these possibilities in the papers presented at Kaleidoscope 2017: Challenges for a data-driven society. The Kaleidoscope 2017 Technical Programme Committee selected 23 papers from the 63 submissions received from 22 countries on the basis of double-blind reviews, with the help of almost 80 international experts. The conference encouraged the development of data-driven applications and services of benefit to society. It highlighted the importance of a shared, integrated data ecosystem in maximizing the collective benefits to be drawn from our fast-growing wealth of data.



Foreword - Chaesub Lee Director ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau

The long-term vision of academia helps ITU to prepare for the future. At Kaleidoscope 2017, we saw that our future will be built on the smart use of data. 2017 will produce more data than the entire history of humanity. In our knowledge-driven modern economies, this data is quickly becoming our most valuable natural resource. Data will fuel innovation in all industry sectors and public-sector bodies. ITU’s standardization sector aims to provide the technical foundations of this innovation.


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