Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment 2018

image of Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment 2018

This annually released publication puts together scholarly articles with a focus on the human and institutional aspects of capacity building in the telecommunications/ICT sector. It covers a wide range of ICT topics that may affect people and their skills development. As the second issue in the series, the 2018 edition features contributions in an analytical, critical and conceptual approach from international experts on the subject of skills development in a digital era, with articles contributing to the ongoing discussions on how emerging technologies are transforming job markets, determining new skills sets requirements and driving the digital economy requirements for re-skilling.




Capacity building and skills development are integral to harnessing the transformative potential of the ongoing development and increasing sophistication of information and communication technologies (ICT). Over the last two decades, explosive worldwide growth in mobile service penetration, coupled with increasing availability of Internet access, has significantly extended opportunities to access information, communicate and collaborate, and to improve economic and social circumstances. Beneficiaries include a growing number of individuals and communities in developing countries previously unable to communicate effectively in the absence of key infrastructure and a lack of affordable services. The next challenge is to ensure that all members of the extended digital community are able to take advantage of the ever-expanding number of opportunities on offer. Innovative capacity building initiatives and the strengthening of digital skills will play a pivotal role in meeting this challenge.


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