Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment 2017

image of Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment 2017

This publication "Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment" puts together scholarly articles with a focus on the human and institutional aspects of capacity building in the telecommunications/ICT sector. It covers a wide range of ICT topics that may affect people and their skills development. The first issue of this publication focuses on mobile technologies for skills development and lifelong learning. It features the work of an international team of experts, tackling the issues in an analytical, critical and conceptual fashion. The articles in this issue explore the increasing power of mobile devices in bringing the benefits of ICTs to more people worldwide. They are a contribution to the current discussions on the educational applications of mobile technologies and their potential to enhance and facilitate lifelong learning and skills development.



Educational aspects of mobile impact, uptake and usage

Societies and individuals around the world increasingly recognize that investment in education is an investment in future growth, particularly in economic, social and personal areas. With the growing availability and related infrastructure of low-cost mobile and wireless technologies, massive opportunities are emerging for learners, teachers and institutions in developing countries. In particular, mobile connectivity can facilitate new ways of teaching and learning that are cost-effective and better personalized to the individual’s needs and context. Mobile technologies also offer potentiality for contextual learning, and have unbound learners from classroom walls while also enhancing collaborative processes in informal contexts. These features of mobile learning are particularly relevant to developing country contexts since mobile learning can only take place outside of school as there remains an in-school ban on mobile phone use by learners. Nevertheless, mobile learning still must overcome conceptual, practical, and organizational challenges before people can fully benefit from this learning medium.


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