Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment 2017

image of Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment 2017

This publication "Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment" puts together scholarly articles with a focus on the human and institutional aspects of capacity building in the telecommunications/ICT sector. It covers a wide range of ICT topics that may affect people and their skills development. The first issue of this publication focuses on mobile technologies for skills development and lifelong learning. It features the work of an international team of experts, tackling the issues in an analytical, critical and conceptual fashion. The articles in this issue explore the increasing power of mobile devices in bringing the benefits of ICTs to more people worldwide. They are a contribution to the current discussions on the educational applications of mobile technologies and their potential to enhance and facilitate lifelong learning and skills development.



Mobiles in the workplace

The 21st century workplace is changing rapidly. Global competition for advanced knowledge and skills development coupled with societal changes are creating new demands in the workplace. In response, business practices and processes are rapidly evolving leading to changes in the places and times of work, increasing workloads, and greater workforce mobility. Furthermore, mobiles have penetrated the business world opening the door to new approaches for workforce development, across various contexts and career paths. This article examines mobiles for enriching work-based learning practices and supporting performance for those already employed in the business sector. The next section introduces the use of mobiles before progressing to a discussion on informal learning in the workplace. The latter sections focus on work-based mobile learning approaches with selected case studies, affordances and constraints, and recommendations for practice.


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