Building Digital Bridges

image of Building Digital Bridges

This report looks at efforts by stakeholders at the local, national and international level to bridge the digital divide. It reviews the role of new technologies, multi-stakeholder partnerships and ICT indices in reducing the gap, taking an in-depth look at the cases of Australia, Hong Kong, India, Korea (Rep. of) and Malaysia. The report also proposes a methodology for the development of a composite Digital Opportunity Index (DOI).



Technical solutions

In July 2004, a team of network engineers built a fixed wireless network spanning hundreds of miles throughout the rural areas of a large country. The network provided high-speed broadband access across many areas that had no accessible fixed-line infrastructure. This wireless broadband network delivered 14 Mbit/s of connectivity along winding roads, often under very mountainous conditions. While the development of such a network is noteworthy, this particular network was literally picked up and moved to a different area of the country each day, highlighting the advances in wireless technology and deployment ability. This mobile network was not located in a developing economy but rather formed a wireless connection to France Telecom’s network during the Tour de France.


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