Birth of Broadband

image of Birth of Broadband

This report on the “Birth of Broadband” is the fifth in the ITU Internet Reports series (previously known as “Challenges to the Network”). At a time when the telecommunication industry is struggling with overcapacity and indebtedness, broadband - high-speed Internet access - offers the chance of revitalizing market demand. The number of broadband subscribers was set to double in 2003. This report was specially prepared to coincide with ITU TELECOM WORLD 2003, held in Geneva from 12 to 18 October 2003. The first part presents a series of analytical chapters, backed up by country case studies, graphs and charts. The second part presents the latest available data for broadband and telecommunication use in 206 economies across the globe, including the new release of ITU’s Mobile and Internet Index.



Promoting broadband

Chapter one of this report described how rising broadband penetration, together with greater affordability and accessibility, has helped some world economies while leaving others lagging behind. But while penetration varies among countries, and so do user needs, almost all countries stand to benefit by participating in the birth and growth of broadband—which shows every sign of having a profound impact on ICT usage and application. If, as the title of this report—Birth of Broadband—suggests, we stand at the beginning of a growing trend, and if the scope for expansion is to be fulfilled, then actively driving the market and riding the crest of the broadband wave are the best ways to reap the benefits—both economic and utilitarian—of this new realm of info-communications. And while it is particularly vital for developing countries not to miss out, the signs are that much more can be done to boost growth in the developed world too.


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