Beyond the Internet? Innovations for Future Networks and Services

Proceedings of the 2010 ITU Kaleidoscope. Pune, India, 13 - 15 December 2010

image of Beyond the Internet? Innovations for Future Networks and Services

These Proceedings contain all the papers accepted for the ITU-T Kaleidoscope 2010 “Beyond the Internet? - Innovations for future networks and services”, Pune, India, 13-15 December 2010. The ITU-T Kaleidoscope academic conferences aim at increasing the dialogue between experts working on the standardization of information and communications technologies (ICTs) and academia; by viewing technologies through a kaleidoscope, these forward-looking events also seek to identify new topics for standardization. The papers at K-2010 focused, from a wide perspective including both technological and socio-economic angles, on evolution of Internet technologies towards future networks and services. The papers accepted for the conference were reviewed by a panel of over 100 subject matter experts from leading academic and research institutions worldwide.



Service innovations in the future internet


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